Tenant management/ Tenant build-out

We carry out the wishes of tenants and defend their rights.

The tenant is our customer. Tenants’ wishes are complex and change over the course of the process. Tenants also feel that they are constantly at the mercy of economic changes and requirements. As a rule, structural requirements and needs arising during the process are not in line with each other.

Tenant support
We provide support for tenants ranging from contract negotiations to the move-in phase and make sure that everything that was ordered is actually delivered. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. Indeed, even when an order is placed, different people may have different ideas. What they believe to be the same may actually not be. Tenants’ building specifications may not address every last detail. When constraints arise during construction, the landlord may be forced to make changes. Time pressure and moving plans cause tension. hp developments represents the tenant’s interests, ensuring that those wishes and the tenant’s rights are taken into account.

Tenant build-out
The rental bid has been received, but it seems that there is not enough time before the desired move-in date? Tenant planning, implementation planning, awarding process, fire protection, building permit, construction time? These are not unsolvable problems. There are ways to reach the goal beyond the standard processes described in the manual. We find alternatives and mobilize an effective network, and in most cases we are make time and cost frameworks that seemed impossible, possible.