Project development

With comprehensive in-house project development, there are no unnecessary preliminary costs.

We are actively involved in traditional project development – on our own account, with partners and for third parties. In the process, we carefully select and research our projects, properties and designs. Because of our many years of networking, we have excellent access to insider knowledge, contacts and resources. Our in-house expertise allows us to handle projects internally, eliminating unnecessary preliminary costs. We are able to use our own team to work on large, complex projects until they are completed.
Traditional architectural firms make design and vision part of their architectural concepts. We are experts in the field of architecture, but do not view ourselves as an architectural firm. We make functionality, efficiency and a good measure of common sense part of our sustainable concepts, for which suitable and exceptional architecture can be created. That’s why architects enjoy working with us. We ensure that a project is feasible in practice, leaving architects free to concentrate on design.
Finding an operator/Market research
Just as hotel brands are growing and becoming increasingly individualized, contracts, too, are becoming more complex and individualized. What hotel is appropriate for what site, and how great are the potential returns? What counts in this context is not only a suitable contract – whether that is a lease agreement, a management agreement or a hybrid – but also the comparable building standards and overall costs. The details, which are outlined in ever more complex contracts, can make the difference. In cooperation with experienced partners, we carry out optimized studies of the market and the competition, and then find the appropriate hotel operator. We provide advice and support on every detail from the very beginning and until the contract is concluded.